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Browse Project Management - Business & Finance : 151-200 programs listed after popularity

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  • Advanced Time Reports Web Personal  151)   Advanced Time Reports Web Personal 6.5.132
    Advanced Time Reports is an intuitive time tracking & project management solution that will help you increase your billable hours by better managing all your projects, clients and working hours. Used by many professionals and businesses.

  • FLEETMATE  152)   FLEETMATE 1.3.030
    Low-cost yet versatile, comprehensive and easy to use. FLEETMATE fleet maintenance management software features customer-defined PM schedules, flexible work orders, fuel logging, complete expense tracking, and much more. Try it FREE for 30 days.

  • Idea Value Calculator (Pocket PC OS)  153)   Idea Value Calculator (Pocket PC OS) 1.2
    The idea value calculator (IVC) allows the value of an idea to be estimated. The method of calculation is based on the assumption that the value of an idea is equal to the sum of all royalties that would be collected on an equivalent valid patent b

  • A VIP Task Manager Standard Edition  154)   A VIP Task Manager Standard Edition 4.2.36
    Professional client/server groupware for task management and team collaboration. It allows planning, sharing, tracking and reporting tasks, appointments, projects, and any company or employees' activities through Local Network (LAN) and Low Speed Net

  • e-MAN Limited Edition  155)   e-MAN Limited Edition 1.12
    It is both a contact management and a connections finder tool. It presents all the contacts existing in your mailbox and most importantly, it provides all the relationships among them. It enables you to find new connections without any subscription.

  • Project Clock Web  156)   Project Clock Web 7.00
    Project Clock Web is an easy to use web based multi-user project time tracking system. Proj Clock is a useful application for consultants, lawyers, engineers or anyone else who must keep track of time billed to different projects.

  • Project Tracker11  157)   Project Tracker11 4.01
    Project estimation, costing tool for tracking job costs,employee time, suppliers, estimates proposals.

  • TicketBench Plus  158)   TicketBench Plus 6.17
    Create tickets and forms of all types. Design labels, coupons, gift certificates, or any document that requires text, graphics, or serial numbering. Create and print your project from your desktop in minutes with our easy to use interface.

  • Nos Atacan PocketPC  159)   Nos Atacan PocketPC 1.3
    Nos Atacan quickly analyzes your observations at a disaster site and provides a fast, scientific guess of which agents of mass destruction are most likely involved.

  • ClockIt: Easy Schedule Creator  160)   ClockIt: Easy Schedule Creator 5.2.0
    This program is a fast and easy to use employee scheduling software. The user-friendly interface, powerful query features and automated scheduling options make it the ideal tool for creating custom duty rosters.

  • Yapp the project calculator  161)   Yapp the project calculator 2.0
    Yapp the project calculator, Keep track of what to do and who''s doing it. Rule based planning allows you to get some real help and not only a controlled drawing environment. Export and import to Excel

  • Able OfficeView Pro  162)   Able OfficeView Pro 3.34
    Lan IN/OUT board with automatic In and Out posting. Personalized remarks allowed. It also includes a messaging system and a screen that displays employee information. Awarded 5 stars by ZDNet.

  • Vertabase Pro  163)   Vertabase Pro 3.7.2
    EASY PROJECT MANAGEMENT. Intuitive, Enterprise Software. Great Features and Powerful Global Reporting. Project and portfolio dashboards. Create and Track schedules, budgets and resources. Manage documents and issues. Gain visibility and control.

  • Trans-Project Office  164)   Trans-Project Office 1.7
    Trans-Project Office is a unique and innovative software product for translation agencies of any size designed for easy management and comprehensive monitoring of multi-language translation projects.

  • MindChart  165)   MindChart 2.3.02
    MindChart,a mindmapping tool that helps in effortlessly and quickly creating mind maps.This software let you create a mmap, add branches and sub-branches, represent them in different shapes, colors and thicknesses, and view the map in different ways!

  • ChoiceTree Writer PalmOS  166)   ChoiceTree Writer PalmOS 1.0
    Create computer display decision trees, flow charts, work instructions, for viewing on handheld computers in ChoiceTree Writer (available separately).

  • Personal Timeclock  167)   Personal Timeclock 4.7
    Personal Timeclock: Tracks and reports your computer usage by project and category. It can help you with client billing, time management, and can provide the information needed at tax time to justify a deduction for business use of your computer.

  • Schedule24 Professional Staff Scheduling  168)   Schedule24 Professional Staff Scheduling 3.6.12
    Schedule24 Professional is the leading easy to use staff scheduling software for creating and automating staff schedules. Create fixed and rotating shifts. Manage assignments, unavailability, breaks, memos and budgets. Publish to schedule to the Web.

  • Project Clock Palm  169)   Project Clock Palm 2.10
    Project Clock Palm is an easy to use project time tracking system for Palm handhelds. Project Clock Palm is a useful software package for consultants, lawyers, engineers or anyone else who must keep track of time billed to different projects.

  • 101 Contacts Pro.  170)   101 Contacts Pro. 2.07
    101 Contacts is the perfect dialing and emailing solution for case workers, staff managers or anyone who who needs to keep notes about phone calls. You can store up to 3000 contacts and each contact can have up to 25 phone numbers and emails.

  • Project Planner PE lite  171)   Project Planner PE lite 4.7
    Project Planner- PE lite :An Affordable alternative to MS-Project. It has most features found in the Project planner - PE version. However it lacks the feature to save your files .PPR format which can be read by others.

  • HPV SOLO PC  172)   HPV SOLO PC 8
    The Housatonic Microsoft® Project Viewers (for MPP files) are the cost-effective solution for teams, organizations and companies who need to view and share Microsoft Project files with other team members, project participants, senior management, etc.

  • Task Actions  173)   Task Actions 1.3
    Task Actions is a full-featured network multiuser system for managing projects and tasks. The system has a built-in system for notifying users about changes applied to task parameters. For more information go to web-site

  • Calendar Creator (The Best!)  174)   Calendar Creator (The Best!) 2.0
    Check out the Best Calendar Creator software out there! This calendar creator makes a calendar with holidays for many countries for any year or month, with print option and rich customization features. This software has been featured in magazines wor

  • Easy Projects .NET  175)   Easy Projects .NET 8.0.9
    Easy Projects .NET is the easiest all-in-one web based project management software . It is called "Easy Projects" because it was specially designed to make project management and task tracking straightforward and hassle-free.

  • Task Track Analyst  176)   Task Track Analyst 1.1
    Organize tasks in trees and keep track of time spent in real-time. Innovative "FilterTabs" show filtered tasks in another task list tab. Assign resources to tasks and schedules and they show up as Active automatically. Custom colors/fonts/icons too.

  • ISMRR  177)   ISMRR 1.01
    Request and Response was designed to allow companies to track user requests. Since ISMRR allows for complete customization, there are no limits on what can be tracked.

  • Version Manager  178)   Version Manager 1.1
    VersionManager is an application software measurement system. It gives a quantitative measure of the Total Users, Active Users, Usage Time, Live bug reports and many more parameters that asses the value offered by a software.See

  • Out n About!  179)   Out n About! 6.0
    Out n About! is an In/Out Status Board with integrated phone message pad, event calendar, Internet connectivity, and Wireless Access Protocol (WAP) support.

  • Gestionale Egizia Net  180)   Gestionale Egizia Net 1.2.14
    Il Gestionale Egizia è un software semplice, completo ed innovativo studiato sulla base delle necessità operative delle piccole e medie aziende. Realizzato per soddisfare ogni cliente con la massima professionalità.

  • Magic Calendar Maker  181)   Magic Calendar Maker 2.6
    Magic Calendar Maker is a very easy-to-use utility for creating and printing calendars for one month. The user only has to select the month and year for which he or she wants the calendar. The starting day of a week can also be chosen.

  • Project Planner enterprise server  182)   Project Planner enterprise server 4.7
    Project planner enterprise is a scalable client / server software which lets you manage all projects in your organization. All members in the enterprise can view/update/modify task status in their projects. Prices start at US$ 249.95 for Home office.

  • FlowBreeze Standard Flowchart Software  183)   FlowBreeze Standard Flowchart Software 2.4.25
    Flowcharting Software for Microsoft Office ... Create Professional Looking Flow Charts Quickly and Easily... Time Saving Flowchart Wizard that Transforms your Text into a Flowchart in Just a Few Steps... Template Generator makes custom Swim Lanes.

  • Team@Work Standard edition  184)   Team@Work Standard edition 1.6
    Internet / intranet based flexible workflow management system designed to plan, execute, manage, control and change multiple projects in a dynamic environment. It iIncludes CAD tool, tasks manipulation tools, user managment tool and report generator

  • Your Tree  186)   Your Tree 2.1
    YourTree can be used to construct: Family trees Directories trees Brainstorming diagrams TQM Cause and effect diagrams Macro plans Hierarchical decomposition diagrams YourTree is a generic text tree tool

  • GSA JobFinder  187)   GSA JobFinder 2.30
    The GSA Job Finder is a program designed to search and parse job tendering (so called job auctions) of new jobs for your business (freelancer). It will save you a lot of time and money. Unfortunatly it's only available for german job tendering sites.

  • IS CRM System  188)   IS CRM System 1.08
    Igoodsoft CRM System is On-Demand Small Business CRM System.Collect and organize all CRM data of your organization in order to keep track of your customers and improve your service quality.Manage your marketing, customers, purchase,sales,orders.

  • TimeLive open source web timesheet  189)   TimeLive open source web timesheet 5.3.1
    TimeLive - Open source web-based tool for timesheet automation, billing automation, expense management, employee attendance automation, project management and task management. Free downloadable and hosted (ASP) version.

  • ChoiceTree Reader PalmOS  190)   ChoiceTree Reader PalmOS 1.0
    Lets your handheld computer display decision trees, flow charts, work instructions, created in ChoiceTree Writer (available separately).

  • Time Meter for MS Outlook  191)   Time Meter for MS Outlook 3.3
    Try this innovative MS Outlook expansion module that allows systematizing projects, timelines, hourly rates and employees' assignments basing on live time and expenses tracking model enabling automatic calculation of HR costs involved. Download now!

  • LollyDex Correspondence Index  192)   LollyDex Correspondence Index 2.0
    LollyDex is a document management tool optimized for correspondence control. It adapts to your systems and is suitable for paper or electronic documents. Powerful and flexible search. Print reports of results. Browse through threads of replies.

  • Advanced Time Reports Web Professional  193)   Advanced Time Reports Web Professional 10.10.255
    Advanced Time Reports Web is an intuitive time tracking & project management solution that will help you increase your billable hours by better managing all your projects, clients and working hours. Used by many professionals and businesses.

  • 3D Topicscape Pro  194)   3D Topicscape Pro 2.5
    3D Topicscape Pro is the information organizer with 3D AND 2D mind maps. Organize files, work, thoughts, projects, reference material and hobbies. Fly through landscapes of information and ideas. Search by concepts, not just words. Filter by tags.

  • LanInfo XP  195)   LanInfo XP 2.9
    Many companies ranging from small companies to large corporations found out that this software is exactly what they need.

  • Intertec TimePro+  196)   Intertec TimePro+ 4.2
    i-Timesheets In-house, a highly configurable and easy to use web-based timesheet application for in-house deployment on your local network or Intranet. Download and try the free i-Timesheets In-house which includes 3 free licences once registered.

  • AdeptTracker  197)   AdeptTracker 2.20
    AdeptTracker is a project planning tool with Gantt chart editor. As an alternative to MS Project, it can manage up to 10,000 project tasks with rich project filters; track Critical Path of subproject and milestone by using unlimited project baselines

  • Compass Project Server  198)   Compass Project Server 1.0.3
    A new standards based project management platform equipped with work calendar and communication tools that brings all functionality for making plans, delivering tasks, tracking progress, time management and team communication & collaboration.

  • Advanced Time Reports Link  199)   Advanced Time Reports Link 8.19.80
    ATR Link is a wizard-style application for exporting your time tracking & project management data into different formats, such as XML, Microsoft Excel, comma-delimited text files and others.

  • Brokers Guide  200)   Brokers Guide 4.0
    Comfortable Disk Cataloguing tool with with many helpful features for Windows

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